Hidden Gems

As a travel photographer, especially one that loves the backcountry, I typically strive to get off the beaten path and find those views that people often don’t see or are unwilling to sacrifice their time, comfort, and convenience to see.  This, for me, is the hallmark of a good photographer and an essential part of taking interesting photos that don’t look like everyone else’s.

That said, there is often amazing vistas that surround us and can often be seen from our backyards or off the side the road.  In fact, some of my best work came from my recognition of something interesting, my willingness to pull over, and my luck of having my camera in the car.

This post is dedicated to the gems that hide in plain sight.  No passport required, very little time committed – these are only a few of my photos that were taken from my car window or a quick pull off the side of the road. 

Carl SanfordComment