New York City

This weekend we did a really quick Saturday there and Sunday back trip to New York City.  With Kai-Ling’s parents in town, we decided to head to the Big Apple to poke around and see some old friends of theirs that live in Long Island.   

The Statue of Liberty’s copper green provided a stark contrast against the grey overcast skies that was theme for the weekend’s weather.  Additionally, Central Park wasn’t worth the struggle of finding parking with it being a brown patch of sticks this time of year.  However, the the cityscape photos, albeit a touch grey, are always in season and need no green foliage to make or break them.

A good note for future reference:  street parking in the city is generally available and free early Sunday morning.  We were able to park two blocks from Time Square without any hassle or cost.  The only truly missed opportunity was to make our way to B&H Photo; the true pilgrimage to the Mecca for photographers.

Carl SanfordComment