Camping at King's Pond

Our camp set-up.

Did a little camping with Julia on Saturday night.  We went on Fort Benning to a place called King's Pond - one of the best car camping places I have ever been.


I would say I have always been more of an extreme, back-country camping kind of guy.  But, sometimes car camping is the way to go.  This was a hasty expedition we decided on last minute.  The place was perfect since its primitive camping that you can pretty much park right next to your spot.  We chose a open space right next to the pond.

King's Pond has bald eagles that nest near it, lots of fishing, a playground, and its pretty close to home.  The astrophotography wasn't all that great, but I did get some good shots of camp after dark.

Taken at about 1am.  

Carl SanfordComment