Mt Jo (the Adirondacks)

View from Mt Jo overlooking the Adirondack High Peaks and Heart Lake.

I took the kids on their first hiking trip in the Adirondacks.  For my 5-year old, Olivia, this was her first real hike ever.  And for Julia, my 10-year old, this was first real hike in a long, long time.  

Given their lack of experience and the likelihood that I would have to carry all of their things and, probably, Olivia, I decided to take them to hike Mount Jo - a small mountain situated south of Lake Placid near the Adirondack Loj.  Research indicated that this was a kid/family friendly hike.  

In truth, it was a bit challenging for Olivia and I did have to carrier her a few times.  She took the struggle like a champ and part of it was me just worried she would trip and fall and get a boo-boo.  However, there was a few points where you need to do some decent scrambling, which is an epic climb for a 5-year old.  

We started our hike at the ADK Loj.  It runs partly by Heart Lake and then up the southern slope of the mountain.  There is a "Short Trail" and a "Long Trail".  The short trail is like the name implies: shorter, but steeper and more technical, with a few scrambles.  The long trail is easier and more gradual.  We decided to take the short trail up and the long trail down to make a loop of the day's hike.  

Regardless of which trail you go up, they both connect shortly before the summit.  

The summit provides a beautiful view of the High Peaks in the area (see my pano).  When we reached the summit, we took a break and snacked picnic-style.


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