Missed Opportunities

Without question, fall is my favorite season.  I love the reds, oranges, and yellows that are the Autumn colors.  From high up on the mountains, its reminds of the vivid colors that make up coral reefs.

Every year, I plan a week long trip to capture the essence of fall... and every year my trip gets pushed aside due to work and family obligations (usually the former).  Although I was able to get a few good shots in while visiting Seoraksan (see post here), I found that anytime I am with my family it is quite difficult to focus in on my photography.  I don't take the time I need to set up shots or I don't have the patience or ability to wait around for an hour or two for conditions to be just right.  

Japanese maples are probably my favorite trees.  I love how their colors will range from deep red to bright orange to a vivid green.  

My 3-year old just doesn't get it when I wake up at four in the morning to get a sunrise picture and my wife definitely doesn't understand when I want to wait at the top of a mountain for 45-minutes for the sun to set low enough below the horizon to light up the clouds a dazzling mixture of pink and orange.  For them, there is no passion for photography - there just waiting on me and expecting me to just click and go.

I may have a few days left to salvage some decent autumn photos, although I am not optimistic, given my work schedule and the rate at which leaves are falling from the trees.  The Army tends to frown on playing hooky, so ditching work to go walk in the woods to take pictures isn't really an option.  

Fortunately, there is always next year...

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