Tea Plantation in Taiwan

One of the coolest things we did in Taiwan was visit a tea plantation near Xueshan Mountain.  Our visit was quite spontaneous as we just happened to see the workers in the field as we were driving by from a lower road.  After some trial and error on figuring out which roads to take to get to the fields, we finally made it.  

The owner of the plantation was very accomodating when we pulled up and showed my wife and kids how to pick the leaves.  I was amazed at how fast the workers could pick the leaves while still maintaining conversation with each other.  It was like a big sewing circle the was chit-chatted the whole time.  

As far as the pictures I took, my only complaint is of how overcast it was in the mountains that day.  A storm was on its way in and the clouds came low into the mountains.  It made a very surreal effect in person, but diminishes the images with the whited-out skies.

Carl SanfordComment