Kitesurfing North Sandy Pond

I've been so focused on kayaking, that I hadn't done much kitesurfing this summer - until now.  Lately the winds have picked up and made for some great kitesurfing outings, although I kept forgetting my GoPro until today. 

I took a bit of a gamble and tried the North Sandy Pond, an inland lake that shares a beach with Lake Ontario.  I've kited here once before, on the Lake Ontario Side, but not on the inland portion of it.  But winds were coming largely from the south east, which makes for offshore winds on Lake Ontario, a dangerous proposition. 

To get to this particular beach, I need to kayak about a mile and a half from one of the local public launches.  I have to stuff the kite in my rear hatch without its bag while the bar, lines, and harness go in the front hatch.  I strap the pump under the front bungies and secure the board under my rear deck lines.  My QCC worked a little better because the deck hatches were huge.  But this method did the job.

Winds were actually howling at about 15-18 knots.  The only issue was with some of the sand bars, a couple of which are only a few inches deep and actually caught my fins a couple of times.  I did have one near catastrophic incident when my chick loop came loose.  I must of not put the securing bar in place correctly because watching the video playback, it just popped off for no apparent reason.  You can watch the video and see it happen in slow motion.

Fortunately it occurred only waist deep water so I could collect it all up and walk it to shore to re-run the lines and continue my session.

Carl SanfordComment