Lowes Lake Kayaking Trip

Even though I had just come back from kayaking trip in Maine the day before, I decided to venture right back to a bit of kayak camping on Lowes Lake.  But the weather was perfect, my girls are still in Taiwan, and I figure with work and everything else in life that can get in the way of getting outdoors, I better not waste the few precious opportunities I get to go out and do things like this.

In my opinion, Lowes Lake is one of the most secluded lakes in the Adirondacks (or at least of the ones that I have paddled).  As I mentioned in a previous post, I think it largely due to a portage that is required just past Hitchins Pond of the Bog Flow.  While its not a long portage, I think it puts a lot of people off.  In truth, for just me and for just one night, it does make for a lot of work.

But in the end, for me, the juice was worth the squeeze.  I camped at site 39, which sits on higher ground and offers a view of the floating bog with the rest of Lowes Lake as a backdrop.  With there being no moon out for most of the night, it was incredibly dark and I was able to dabble in a little astrophotography.  And the morning fog over the lake at dawn made for this majestic vista that no photograph will every truly capture just right.

While I wasn't able to capture them, I think I saw a couple of beavers (they kept diving and swimming off as soon I got even remotely close).  I saw and heard numerous loons, as per usual in the Adirondacks.  I had a mother and father duck try to distract me by making a ruckus while doing circles around my kayak when I go to close to their dozen little ones.  And I saw a squirrel swimming, which I didn't even know they could do. 

All in all, another great trip into the Adirondacks.

Carl SanfordComment