Kayak Camping Cranberry Lake

Evening view from my campsite.

Despite looming rain, I set out for a quick overnight camping trip on Cranberry Lake.  Weekend weather in and around the Adirondacks has been terrible over the last couple of weeks.  Fortunately for me, the weather gods did me a solid and kept the rain at bay.  But were more than happy to make up for it with wind, which blew pretty constantly at 15-kts or better (and in my direction coming in AND going out).

I scored a gem of a campsite on Joe Indian island.  My particular site offered a large, flat-top boulder in the water that made for a perfect sitting area.  I would have set my tent up or bivyed right there had the previous tenants not had a camp fire there and left their ashen leftovers in the center of the boulder.  

I logged a solid 16-miles in the trip between my journey to and from the camp site and my exploration of the numerous coves, small islands, and protruding rocks scatter around the 7,000-acre lake.  Per usual, loons were in force and I was lucky enough to cross paths with a pair of otters.