A Quick Trip to Boston

Made a quick trip to Boston where we went to the aquarium and took the kids to the Tea Party Museum.  Olivia tried her first oyster (wasn’t a fan) and Julia got her first glimpse of Harvard and MIT.  

I have a love-hate relationship with aquariums.  The sea life is amazing and the colors are incredibly vibrant.  But every time I try to photograph in them, it drives me nuts.  While the exhibits seem quite bright to the human eye, they are in fact very dark and the lights have a very confusing temprature and tint.  Most of the shots above were at ISO 1600 or above.  Combined with having to shoot through several inches of plexiglass, that is often curved and masked with reflections from lights, makes it incredibly difficult to get tac sharp images.   Add having to battle other patrons for a vantage point and my general hatred of crowded places and you see my dilemma.

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