Bali, Indonesia

This trip was entirely too short.  Kai-Ling and I made a quick 4-day excursion to Bali while in Taiwan.  Four days really only afforded us two half-days and two full-days; and you really need a full week to ten days to explore Bali.  Despite this, Kai-Ling did her homework and we crammed about as much as one could in that short time.  

Without a doubt, Bali is my kind of island with its amazing coffee, beaches, mountains, and culture - the perfect mix for a travel photographer.  Its one of those places where I really didn’t mind doing all the touristy things, because there touristy things include getting to hang out with monkeys or bathe in sacred waters of a temple or visiting a coffee plantation and roaster to get some of the best coffee I ever had.

I did not get to go SCUBA diving because of how short our trip was, but from what I have heard it is among the best in the world (i.e. it rates up their with the Caymans, Maldives, etc.)

Carl SanfordComment