Family Trip: Japan

Unlike some of my other adventures, my trip to Japan was much more tame and tourist-based.  With my wife, two girls, and my mother and father-in-law I didn't really push to wake up at 3:30 to get a pristine sunrise location or risk having my family get board while I scouted out vantage points or wait for crowds and lighting conditions to be just right for some key shot.  

In fact, most of shots on this trip were quite rushed and taken in less than ideal (or flat out horrible) conditions - like during the middle of a sunny day.   Despite my captured images to be less then stellar, my trip was quite enjoyable.  You must understand that Japan holds a special place in my heart.  I lived there for a year for a study abroad program during my college years, its where I met my wife, and the culture and food are amazing.

To boot, my wife and I have often talked about retiring there in our old age (if we can afford it).  The people there are wonderful.  Not only are they extremely nice, but they hold a certain attachment to nature which I love.  Its amazing how they incorporate it into every aspect of their lives.  Even in Tokyo, where land is an incredibly valuable commodity, they saturate it with parks and gardens.  There is just a serenity in Japan I haven't really seen elsewhere.

One could spend a lifetime there a find new things to photograph all the time.

Carl SanfordComment