Trying Astrophotography

With a conscience effort to be more active with my photography, I decided to wake up early and do something I have been thinking about for a while:  astrophotography.  So, this particular morning, I woke up at 3am and moved out to Pine Mountain.  Its about 35-minutes away and pretty secluded, which helps with the light pollution.


Skies, this morning, were clear and the humidity and temps were low - all of which makes for good astrophotography conditions.  As a first time crack at it, I thought it all came out pretty successful.  

After playing around with shooting the night sky, I decided to go back to Columbus and photograph the sunrise at a lake I jogged around last night.  I went to the lake at Cooper Creek Park (which runs primarily East - West) to a point I figured would have a good view of the lake with the sunrise over the horizon.  

Although I didn't wait for the sun to peak over the horizon, I did get a nice sunrise shot.  Its unfortunate, though, that the myst didn't stand out a bit more. 

Carl SanfordComment