I have been in Korea for two years now and haven't travel very far south of Seoul until this Christmas. With Kai-Ling's family in town, we headed south to Busan - the other major metropolitan in Korea. And although I don't really recommend Busan in the winter, I will be going back there in the summer because I my sense of it is that it's a happening place.

Busan Tower at Night

Don't ask me about the night life because I am married with two kids. The bar scene is really not my thing anymore. But I can tell you the cuisine in Busan is on point. These folks know seafood and doesn't get alot better than this. First, everyone going to Busan needs to try puffer fish. Yes, it apparently can kill you, but I am pretty sure with all the folks eating it down there they know how to prepare for safe consumption. Puffer fish here is typically served in soups and makes a very filling meal.


The other thing I loved about Busan is there street markets. Anyone who knows me and my photographic style knows how much I love taking pictures in street markets. They always offer such great opportunities for macros, black and whites, portraits, and street and are bursting with grit, colors, and textures. Everywhere we went in Busan had an enormous and elaborate street market scene with huge sections for seafood, meats, produce, and ginseng.

Finally, Busan's rocky shores and cityscapes offered some amazing photographic opportunities. Opportunities, I am sad to say, I didn't take advantage of. For me, land/cityscape photography is time consuming and requires scouting and patience. Two things that having young children don't allow for.

I will definitely be going back this spring to explore some more.

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