Seoraksan Trip

I enjoy living in Korea.  Great food, wonderful people, and beautiful scenery.  There is probably no better example of this than Seoraksan National Park in autumn.  Seoraksan National Park  is an impressive collection of some of the most scenic mountains Korea has to offer, located on the east-coast about 30km south of the DMZ.

Kai-Ling and I took the kids for a weekend trip to see Seoraksan against the reds, oranges and yellow that autumn promises.  I snuck out Saturday morning at about 0430 to try and capture the the sunrise, but the overcast clouds that morning didn't provide a good capture for what I was hoping for:  majestic clouds and  warm dawn sunlight lighting up the mountain range for a impressive multiexposure capture.  What I did get were still some unique photos and a chance to hike up Seoraksan - a beautiful and challenging hike.

Although I didn't get a great sunrise shot, I did get a pretty decent evening sunset photo.  From my evening perch, I was able to a large HDR panorama of the range.  

On Sunday, we spent the day in Sokcho checking out the Sakana Temple - a buddhist temple that sits on bluff overlooking the ocean and one of the fish market / restaurant spots.  Here we were able to point at the fish and crabs we wanted and they would cut and cook them up on the spot.  What we ended up with was some of the freshest sashimi and best sea food stew I ever had.